Choco-hazelnut homemade granola

I’ve always loved eating oatmeal or muesli for breakfast. But believe it or not, the first time I ever tried granola was only a few weeks ago. I absolutely loved it, but then I read the ingredients and realized why I’ve read so many times that it’s unhealthy. So, I decided to try and make my own. I mean, how hard can it be? As it turned out: not hard at all.

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The simplest chocolate pudding ever

Believe it or not, I’ve only recently discovered avocado and its divine, creamy texture. Some people I know love avocado (hi, Andrea), but they only eat it in savory dishes. Considering that, let’s face it, avocado almost has no flavor, I decided to make a dessert out of it. And so, the quickest chocolate pudding was born!

No need for cooking it and cooling it. All you need is a blender or a food processor, three ingredients and three minutes of your time. Perfect!

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Lazy cook’s whole wheat bread

Serbs love bread, and I’m no different. However, bread in most bakeries Serbia is made from white flour, with tons of additives. This is why it was the first thing I stopped eating when I decided to change my diet, and I don’t even like white bread anymore. It’s weird how changing habits changes our taste for food.

But I still do love bread, just not the kind I can buy at most bakeries. So, my options were ditching it completely, buying overpriced whole wheat bread (and still not knowing what exactly it contains), or making my own. You can probably guess what I opted for.

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How to weigh food without scales

There was a time in my life when I didn’t own kitchen scales. I had the income so low income at the time, that buying scales would seriously affect my budget. Ironically, that was also the period when my love for cooking really started to heat up. I would read dozens of recipes every day, looking for stuff I could try out. And of course, most of them listed the ingredients in grams or milliliters. That called for improvisation.

I always say “if I don’t know something, Google does.” So I googled “how to weigh food without scales” and found a handy little table in Serbian. I printed it out, kept it in the kitchen and used it whenever I was baking or cooking. Naturally, it only gave measurements for things like caster sugar, milk, white flour, margarine, and other super-healthy stuff. But of course, I improvised. And although I bought kitchen scales a while ago, I still measure ingredients with tablespoons and coffee mugs. 🙂

Anyways, I’ve prepared this table for all of you who don’t use kitchen scales for whichever reason. You may not have it, it may be broken and you really want to cook something right now, or you may prepare food at someone else’s place and they don’t have the scales. Whatever the case may be, you can use the table below as your cheat sheet.

I measured everything myself (I have kitchen scales now, so I decided to actually use it).

I included everything that crossed my mind from the food I regularly use. I plan to update the table whenever I remember anything else (feel free to write your suggestions).

I use the metric system, but I converted everything to ounces as well, so you don’t have to. 😉

All tables are searchable.

And last but not least, this is not an exact science, but so is nothing on this blog. 🙂 You’ll grab a few more grains of rice or a few more drops of honey with your spoon or cup, but trust me, there’s no way that will ruin the recipe.

Dry ingredients: Powders and small grains1 teaspoon1 tablespoon1 cup (240ml/8 fluid oz)
Almond/hazelnut flour
Baking powder
Baking soda
Chia seeds5 g (0.17oz)
Cocoa5g (0.17oz)14g (0.49oz)
Coconut flour
Flax seeds
Flour (whole wheat)
Instant coffee
Rolled oats
Sesame seeds
Shredded coconut
Sugar (granulated)
Sugar (powdered)
Dry ingredients – nuts, grains and seeds1 tablespoon1 cup (240ml/8 fluid oz)
Almonds (ground)
Almonds (whole)24g (0.85oz)150g (5.29oz)
Beans (cooked)
Beans (uncooked)
Cashews (whole)18g (0.63oz)145g(5.11oz)
Chickpeas (cooked and roasted)
Chickpeas (cooked)
Chickpeas (uncooked)
Hazelnuts(whole)22g (0.78oz)153g (5.4oz)
Peanuts (ground)
Peanuts (whole)23g (0.8oz)155g (5.47oz)
Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds
Walnuts (ground)
Walnuts (kernels)
Liquid/soft ingredients1 teaspoon1 tablespoon1 cup (240ml/8 fluid oz)
Honey/Maple Syrup/Agave8g (0.03oz)25g (0.88oz)340g (12oz)
Milk (cow or plant)
Oil (olive, melted coconut)
Peanut/almond/hazelnut butter15g (0.5oz)30g (1oz)250g (8.8oz)
Yoghurt (Greek type)

Image credits: Calum Lewis on Unsplash

Blind dates

This is probably the simplest dessert in the Universe, but it’s one of my favorites. Basically, these are dates filled with anything you come up with and covered in chocolate. But although there are only a few ingredients involved, this dessert does require some patience to be made.

I picked up this idea from my friend Andrea, who often makes these little treats. While the two of us just call them something like “little dates” in Serbian, I named them “Blind Dates” in English because the pun is just too good not to be used. Just like in a blind date, you never know what you’re gonna get. But unlike real blind dates, there’s no way these treats are gonna disappoint you. 😀

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Simple Bounty bars

bounty bars

I’m no stranger to store-bought candy bars. Okay, I don’t buy them that often anymore, but Bounty will forever remain one of my favorites. To satisfy my sweet tooth and the insane cravings for my favorite candy bar, I came up with a simple homemade version that doesn’t contain processed sugar, milk, or artificial flavors. I use honey, but you can easily make these vegan-friendly!

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